European Chiropractors' Union

Congress, May 24, 1990 - May 27, 1990

By Karin F. Moscatelli, DC
Avignon, France -- Ancient feudal city, pontifical capital of the middle ages, modern hub of the living arts of Provence, France -- welcomes chiropractors from around the globe.

For the second time in less than a decade, Avignon will present an outstanding scientific program on "The Role of Science and Technology in Clinical Chiropractic."

This vast subject will be covered under three major categories: theory, specialized settings, and chiropractic settings.

The European Chiropractors' Union (ECU) professional council has invited such illustrious chiropractic experts as Adrien Grice, G. Bronfort, J.P. Ladermann, Scherwey, D. Jouffrieau, Stephen Press, and Kranzlin. Topics to be presented include:

  1. The handling of a multi-disciplinary randomized clinical trial concerning asthma and chiropractic care.

  2. Correlation of stabilometry and biomechanical measuring devices (isostation B-200).

  3. Postural assessment and the treatment of sports injuries.

  4. Biomechanical patterns in whiplash injuries of the cervical spine.

Outstanding European neurophysiologists, a radiologist and orthopedic surgeon will expound on the relevance of angiography, magnetic resonance imaging and CAT scans as related to the nerve root canal, articular facets, discs and shoulder articulation.

A most promising program indeed, embracing all aspects of the art, science and philosophy of clinical chiropractic!

From the welcome cocktail to the gala closing dinner, a full accompanying persons program has also been scheduled. It includes a full-day trip through the scenic Vaucluse wine-producing region, a visit and home-cooked dinner at the Chateauneuf-Du-Pape wine cellar, and a guided morning tour of historic Avignon.

There will be lots of time for shopping antiques and local fashions for the ladies! Provincial folklore and a superb raffle will heighten the excitement of the festivities!

The famous French cuisine will be privately catered throughout the duration of the congress. So early reservation is a must! Please make your wish to attend ECU '90 known before April 27, 1990, by confirming your reservation in writing to:

R.M.G. / ECU '90
B.P. 149 - F
FAX (33) 90-86-36-12
TELEX 042-431-922F

Please mention the number of congress participants, the number of accompanying persons, the number wishing to participate in sightseeing and dining, and the number of nights of hotel accommodation required.

"Au Revoir" until May when we'll see you "SUR LE PONT D'AVIGNON."

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