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Dynamic Chiropractic Canada Archives -
April 1, 2014 (Vol. 07, Issue 04)

The Realities of Establishing a Multidisciplinary Practice
     By Jaclyn Chasse, ND

New Approach to Thoracolumbar Fascia Pain
     By Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACRB

Is a Chronic Pain Specialty Practice Right for You?
     By John Hayes Jr., DC, MS, DACBO

Hip Pain: Be the Go-To Clinician for Dance Injuries in Your Area
     By Mitch Green, DC, DACRB

Chiropractic's Role in Sports-Related Concussion
     By Michelle Laframboise, BKin (Hons), DC, FRCCSS(C)

Are You Setting Yourself Up for a Career Ending Injury?
     By Elizabeth Anderson-Peacock, DC

Get Out of Neutral and Accelerate Patient Volume
     By Drew Stevens, PhD

New Knee, New Pain (Part 2)
Chiropractic care for pain following knee replacement.
     By Jeffrey Bentz, DC and V. Robert Agostino, EdD

Betraying Patients and the Profession
     By Editorial Staff

An Introduction to Evidence-Based Clinical Practice - Again
     By Dana Lawrence, DC, M. Med. Ed., MA and Christine Goertz, DC, PhD

An Apple a Day Keeps the Statins at Bay
     By G. Douglas Andersen, DC, DACBSP, CCN

Why Stretching Doesn't Work
     By Linsay Way, DC

The Many Faces of Cervical Compression
     By Douglas R. Briggs, DC, Dipl. Ac. (IAMA), DAAPM, EMT

Waiter, There's a Bug in My Body
     By Anthony Rosner, PhD, LLD [Hon.], LLC

Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements: A Short Review for Chiropractors
     By Deborah Pate, DC, DACBR

Increased Breast Cancer Risk: Another Implication of High Cholesterol
     By James P. Meschino, DC, MS

Were We Really Born to Run?
     By Thomas Michaud, DC
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