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Dynamic Chiropractic Canada Archives -
April 1, 2012 (Vol. 05, Issue 04)

Walk in Your Patients' Shoes
     By Jenn Sommermann, LCMT

Unwrapping the Hidden Gifts of the ADHD Patient
Dr. Edward Hallowell has a unique perspective on ADHD – and he thinks chiropractors are in a perfect position to manage the condition.
     By Editorial Staff

Harness the Power of Internet Marketing, Part 2: Google Places
     By Jasper Sidhu, BSc, DC

Some Inflammatory Remarks About Manipulation
     By Anthony Rosner, PhD, LLD [Hon.], LLC

Children's Feet Require Your Special Attention
     By Mark Charrette, DC

Manipulation Improves Recruitment of Multifidus Muscles, Reduces Disability
     By Malik Slosberg, DC, MS

Natural Support for Sexual Health: Effective Herbal Supplements
     By James P. Meschino, DC, MS

Achilles Injuries, Part 1: Insertional Tendinitis
     By Thomas Michaud, DC

Low Back Pain: Global Patterns
     By Marc Heller, DC

Evaluation and Management Options for Clavicle Fracture in the Chiropractic Setting
     By Nancy Martin-Molina, DC, QME, MBA, CCSP
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