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Take Aim at Back Pain – sponsored by Erchonia Corporation
Air Date: March 19, 2015
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A DC's Journey to Neck Surgery
5 lessons from the road.
By Tracy Barnes, DC, DICCP, CKTI
It all started in a hotel room – at least that's where the pain became so intense that I had to do something. I felt as if I was being stabbed near my left medial scapular border. Since I was traveling I had none of my usual treatment tools. The TV remote control would have to do. It fit nicely into the space between my...

Unlevel Pelvis in the High-School Athlete: Exploring Causes and Effects
By Tim Maggs, DC

The unlevel pelvis is all too common in the high-school athlete and if not detected, will likely cause a lifetime of musculoskeletal issues. Any provider who doesn't look for this common finding is missing critical information. An unlevel pelvis, defined as a pelvis that has one ilium higher than the other ilium, is...

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Cell Health (Part 2)
Interview With Dr. Greg Barsten
By G. Douglas Andersen, DC, DACBSP, CCN

Dr. Barsten, your book is about restoring "cell vitality." Can you briefly define the term? Cell vitality is more than the mere absence of symptoms or pathology, but optimum structural, physiological and energetic health. When I refer to optimum cellular "structural" health, I mean the cell membrane. This is important...

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