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The Neuroendocrine Immunology of Perimenopause™ – sponsored by Apex Energetics™
(Original Air Date: August 28, 2014)
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Offline Marketing Techniques: Opportunities to Help Grow Your Business
By Daniel Ruscigno
In a world becoming increasingly dominated by connected devices, when we think of marketing, we often think of online and social media marketing. Considerable attention is given to Facebook and Twitter, as well as CPC [cost-per-click] advertising. While those channels often provide great results, it's important to take some...

The Gluteal-Knee Connection
By William E. Morgan, DC and Amin Javid, DC

The underlying causes of knee pain and dysfunction are rarely isolated to the knee. The knee is a relatively stable joint with limited intrinsic ability to adapt to aberrant motion. Usually when there is a problem with the knee, it originates in the foot / ankle complex or the hip region. The foot and the hip have the...

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Medial Knee Pain: 11 Potential Causes (and Corrections)
By Marc Heller, DC

We have all seen patients with medial knee pain that either has no traumatic origin or lasts well beyond when it should be resolved. How can we help these patients? Here is an overview of clinical scenarios and how we can provide conservative care.

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