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Who's Really in Charge? Clinical Guide to Advanced Microbial Balance and Enterocyte Seeding – sponsored by Systemic Formulas Inc.
Air Date: December 10, 2014
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Fibromyalgia: Put the Pain in Its Place
3 essential considerations for chiropractors treating fibromyalgia patients.
By Courtney Craig, MS, DC
While some fibromyalgia patients respond favorably to regular chiropractic care, others experience minimal relief. Unfortunately, many of these patients must rely on pharmacological management to relieve their constant pain. The most common medications prescribed for fibromyalgia are anti-epileptic drugs like Lyrica,...

The Art of Day-to-Day Assessment and Treatment: Clinical Pearls
By Marc Heller, DC

Let's focus on the day-to-day process of assessing and treating the patient. I am proposing a particular attitude; a way of looking at the patient. This often evolves over a few treatments and then changes as you figure out what is significant. We can maximize the effectiveness of this process using the SOAP format as our guide.

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Why You Should Include the Single-Leg Stance Test in Every Patient Assessment
By Perry Nickelston, DC, FMS, SFMA

The single-leg stance (SLS) test, also known as the single-limb stance test, unipedal stance test or one-legged stance / balance test, is often used in the geriatric population to assess static postural and balance control. The test can provide valuable information regarding increased risk of falling in the elderly. However,...

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