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Are Anti-Inflammatories Suddenly Obsolete? (December 15, 2016) How to create patient trust, confidence, and MORE positive cash flow with digital x-ray technology (December 1, 2016) The Recipe for an Irresistible Website (November 17, 2016) A New Understanding of Probiotics & Bacteriotherapy (November 3, 2016) 3 Out-of-The Box Ways to Grow a Practice that Gives You Freedom and Flexibility Now (and Not Just When You Retire) DC Practice Insights  (October 27, 2016) Public Perception of Chiropractic: Results from the Gallup-Palmer Year-Two Study (October 25, 2016) Improve Patient Outcomes & Compliance with Kinesiology Tape (October 20, 2016) Digital X-ray Technology: Don't just make an image - make an impact DC Practice Insights  (October 13, 2016) Current Topics in Laser Therapy (October 6, 2016) Goodbye Adrenal Fatigue: Balancing Stress Hormones for Boundless Energy, Healing and Vitality (September 22, 2016) Back to Business Checklist: 5 Tips for Your Fall Website Tuneup (September 8, 2016) Chiropractors: 3 Insider Secrets to Double Your Patient Base Quickly thru Speaking, the Introverted Way (August 25, 2016) Get Your Website on Google's First Page (August 11, 2016) Maintaining Optimal Endocrine Health: The Stress Response (July 28, 2016) Adrenal Physiology and the Stress Response with Nutrigenomic and Epigenetic Implications (July 14, 2016) Herbal Medicine for Immunity (June 30, 2016) How to Choose a Quality Supplement for Your Patients (June 16, 2016) Why 300 Chiropractors Just Implemented this Cellular Detox Protocol (June 2, 2016) The Functional Medicine Model Through Case Histories (May 19, 2016) Forget What You Know About Probiotics: The Latest Research on Nature's True Probiotics (May 5, 2016) Herbal Medicine for Chiropractors: How to Start Using Herbs to Expand Your Practice (April 21, 2016) Your Prescription For Wealth (April 7, 2016) Laser Therapy: Maximizing Parameters to Optimize Treatment Outcomes (March 24, 2016) Male Endocrine and the Microbiome (prostate, probiotics, & testosterone) (March 10, 2016) Unleash the ChiroBeast - Profits, Passion and Power (February 25, 2016) Ketosis and Fasting - 7 Things You Must Know (February 11, 2016) Eight Key Insights From Successful Chiropractors (January 28, 2016) Heavy Metal Detox Done Right (January 14, 2016)
Female Endocrine Cycle and the Microbiome (December 10, 2015) How Laser Therapy Can Benefit Every Patient In Your Practice (November 12, 2015) Forget What You Know About Probiotics: The Latest Research on Nature's True Probiotics (October 29, 2015) Making the New Codes Work: A Look at ICD-10 after the Transition (October 15, 2015) The Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic Report on Americans' Perceptions of Chiropractic (October 8, 2015) Musculoskeletal Laser Therapy Webinar: Integrated Clinical Protocols (October 1, 2015) Can Lasers Really Treat the Brain and Spinal Cord? A Review of the Literature (September 17, 2015) Know Your Practice to Grow Your Practice: The 12 Most Meaningful Practice Metrics (September 3, 2015) LIFESTYLE MEDICINE: MD's Are Leading The Charge In A New Wellness Field.
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(August 20, 2015) Discover The 4 Pillars of Online Marketing (August 6, 2015) How the Body's Clock Increases Disease Risk: 7 Key Supplements Preventing Age-Related Disease and Prolonging Functional Life (July 23, 2015) Strategies for Stress: Jing, Qi & Shen - Hormones, ATP & Neurotransmitters (July 9, 2015) The Science Supporting IP6 and Inositol for Bone Density, Immune Support and Blood Sugar Control (June 25, 2015) A Stress-Free ICD-10 Transition (June 11, 2015) 7 Steps to a Turn-Key Weight Loss System in Your Chiropractic Office (May 28, 2015) Assessing Nutritional Needs with an Acupuncture and Chiropractic Perspective (May 14, 2015) Forget What You Know About Probiotics: The Latest Research on Nature's True Probiotics (April 30, 2015) Advances in Topical Analgesic Absorption (April 16, 2015) Launch Your Associate into Instant Success and Profit (April 2, 2015) Take Aim at Back Pain (March 19, 2015) Reversing Diabetes types 1.5, 2 and 3 (March 5, 2015) Nutrigenomics 101: Easy, Genetically-guided Nutrition for Your Patient (February 19, 2015) The Text-Neck Epidemic: The NEW Extension Traction Therapy And Its Role In Treatment and Prevention (February 5, 2015) How to Attract More Patients Online (January 8, 2015)
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