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Strategies for Stress: Jing, Qi & Shen – Hormones, ATP & Neurotransmitters
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Air Date: July 9, 2015
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Why Chronic Ankle Instability Can Affect a Proximal Joint
By Warren Hammer, MS, DC, DABCO
A patient presents with two-month knee pain for no apparent reason. The patient also has noticed minimal hip pain on the same side for one month. History reveals that the patient suffered a severe ankle sprain five years ago. On rare occasions, the ankle feels "tight," but is not really a problem. There is no trauma or...

How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Practice Online
By Daniel Ruscigno

Pinterest is an extremely popular, but often underutilized social media platform where people can bookmark, or "pin," fun and interesting things from all across the Internet. You can think of it as a virtual bulletin board where you can post your favorite things to come back to later and to share with other people.

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The Tall- to Half-Kneeling Assessment
By Perry Nickelston, DC, FMS, SFMA

The brilliant dancer Martha Graham once said, "Movement never lies." And oh, how right she was in making that profound statement. During initial evaluations and examinations, it is standard procedure to do diagnostic testing (X-rays, etc.), range of motion, palpation and orthopedic testing. Adding simple movement assessments...

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