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Dynamic Chiropractic Canada – November 1, 2014, Vol. 07, Issue 11
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Be the Doctor of the Future Today

By Frank King, DC

When I began my practice 35 years ago, health food stores were small, few and far between. There weren't even too many health books being published. People relied on chiropractors as one of their only sources of natural health information.

Times have certainly changed, haven't they? Now there are hundreds of natural food superstores, tons of new books and health experts giving advice on every form of media. Everyone competes for attention and wants to hop on the natural healthcare bandwagon. So, how do you stand out in all the noise?

In truth, this is good for our profession. We have known all along what many people are just now discovering: that natural health care is the best kind of health care. The media is helping to educate our future patients. They need us more than ever now. Even though people are living longer, more people than ever are suffering from chronic or recurring health problems. And more people than ever are waking up to the fact that conventional medication carries very real risks of negative side effects. In the vast ocean of emerging health products, procedures and professions, the most successful practitioners will be the ones getting the fastest, most therapeutically effective and cost-effective results.

The doctor who is able to help the majority of these people in less time with less financial outlay has all the ingredients for a very successful practice. However, to meet the healthcare challenges of today, we must be more innovative.

Contemporary application of homeopathy combines the proven track record of homeopathy and faster procedures to help the broadest spectrum of recurring and persistent health problems. Homeopathy offers chiropractic a detailed and comprehensive approach to correcting the deeper dimensions of nerve interferences beyond "bone on nerve."

Innovative Medicine

Homeopathy offers chiropractic more than 200 years of controlled studies, called provings, backed by clinical outcomes to confirm its efficacy and safety. Like chiropractic, homeopathy works to activate the body's natural ability to express optimal health. Homeopathic medicine extracts the innate vital forces from the substances of our world through an intensive process called potentization and a comprehensive compilation of our neurosensory relationships to those substances. This information is recorded in various detailed texts called homeopathic materia medicas and repertories.

Based on the pharmacological law of similars, still used today, homeopathy works bioenergetically to activate proper healthy functions of the body's energetic control system, offering the chiropractor a valuable adjunct to help correct the bigger picture of nerve interference. Homeopathic medicine is manufactured with serial dilutions and succussions (vigorous shaking) beyond the molecular levels. This creates safe medicine that is just enough to cause the body to overcome the health issue, but not enough to cause any negative side effects. It is the perfect medicine!

Homeopathy and Chiropractic

Homeopathy and chiropractic coincide in philosophy, mode of action and effectiveness. For example:

  1. Philosophy – The body is a self-healing entity. Healing occurs when proper communication is established in the nervous system. Symptoms are simply the body's intelligent way of communicating its need for help in its attempts to restore optimal health. Our purpose is to help the body, not by masking or suppressing this phenomenon of sensory communication, but by assisting in the expression the body's attempt to heal.
  2. Mode of Action – To assist the body's own innate, natural healing capabilities through the nervous system.
  3. Effectiveness – Homeopathy, like chiropractic, has a profound effect on the nervous system. Often, symptomatic relief is noticed within minutes or even seconds of taking a homeopathic remedy, confirming its therapeutic pathway through the nervous system.

Many of us learned these principles as foundational to chiropractic. However, these principles go back over 200 years to the inception of homeopathy, long before the beginning of chiropractic. While many highly successful supportive adjunct therapies exist, I have found chiropractic and homeopathy to be more curative. By using chiropractic and homeopathy together as our primary tools, we are better equipped to correct the deeper problems at the highest levels in the hierarchy of health.

Stand Out From the Crowd

There's no time like the present to think creatively and apply smart approaches that provide better results. The synergistic effects of homeopathy and chiropractic empower the chiropractor to better balance the whole nervous system. With the application of both of these modalities to clear nerve interferences throughout our entire control system, everything we do to enhance our patients' health works better: application of nutrition, herbs, diet, exercise, and more.

Homeopathy offers a deeper acting therapy to better address the roots of disease. For example, nutrition and supplements work on a biochemical level, but homeopathy works bioenergetically, to correct nerve interferences throughout the whole nervous system where the hands of the chiropractor cannot reach. We have often even seen improvement in the ability to think and believe more positively. When the energetic control systems of the body (like the nervous system) work properly, everything else works better, and the body's chemistry will balance more easily.

Conversely, when the control systems of the body are not working properly, supportive therapies cannot achieve their maximized effect. Homeopathy, like chiropractic, works at the highest levels in the hierarchy of our health to maintain homeostasis. The marriage of chiropractic to homeopathy empowers the chiropractor to more successfully work with the whole nervous system to better fulfill the high call of chiropractic and allows additional therapies, like nutrition, physical therapy and exercise programs, the opportunity to maximize their potential.

An Empowered Destiny

Homeopathy is essential to completing chiropractic destiny and without it, chiropractic can never realize its full potential. It is common to observe the correction of recurring subluxation patterns using homeopathy, indicating its deeper, curative effect(s). In fact, homeopathy works so deeply, even inherited health problems and weaknesses can be corrected.

Some so-called incurable problem or recurring health issue, irresolvable with traditional medicine or chiropractic alone, affects the majority of the public. These people are open to, hungry for – even hoping and praying for – someone to come along with an answer to their dilemma. Disease has been robbing people of their quality of life for too long, and they are seeking a doctor willing to step up to the plate and try to help them.

People want to see the doctor with answers to their problems. It's that simple. With homeopathy, we have the opportunity to assist those patients with the greatest time-tested adjunct to most effectively and efficiently help them. The contemporary procedures in homeopathy have turned this once complex healing art into an easy and effective approach for the high volume, chiropractic office.

These breakthrough procedures empower the chiropractor to help the greatest number of people in less time and with less expense. You can be the answer to their prayers: their doctor of the future, today.

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