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Dynamic Chiropractic Canada – July 1, 2013, Vol. 06, Issue 07
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By Editorial Staff

In Remembrance: A Moment of Silence for Robin McKenzie (1931-2013)

Robin McKenzie, founder of the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnostics and Therapy, passed away on May 13, 2013, at his New Zealand home following a battle with cancer.

A world-renowned physiotherapist who authored six books and numerous journal articles, McKenzie "devoted his professional life to the study of musculoskeletal disorders and their treatment," according to a tribute article on the McKenzie Institute International's site following his passing.

Birthed in the 1950s and developed over the course of five decades, the McKenzie Method is now practiced worldwide, including by many doctors of chiropractic. It is taught within chiropractic colleges and at the postgraduate level.

Commenting on his passing, David Chapman-Smith, secretary-general of the World Federation of Chiropractic, noted: "Originally a critic of chiropractic, [McKenzie] grew to be generous and fair. When Dr. Murray Katz of Canada tried to work with PTs to establish a new profession of 'orthopractors' to replace chiropractors in the late 1980s, McKenzie wrote a powerful open letter exposing this as a witch hunt against chiropractic – which was responsible for this movement losing momentum and failing."

When it came to the spine, McKenzie was indeed aligned with chiropractic in his belief in the magnitude of spinal problems and the body's innate ability to heal itself. Consider this quote, taken again from the tribute on the McKenzie website:

"The disabling and recurrent disorders that affect the spine can produce disability and mental anguish in all who experience the problem ... We must realise that after injury, the body will repair itself. Physicians and therapists do not have 'magic fingers,' we do not accelerate healing, but we can create the best climate for successful repair and, following repair, we can assist greatly in the recovery of function. Undisturbed healing must be followed by the recovery of function and fitness. These principles are basic and surely offer the most likely solution to the problems caused by the recurring low back disorder."

To learn more about Robin McKenzie and the McKenzie Method, visit

CMCC Research Awards Highlight WFC Biennial Congress

The World Federation of Chiropractic's 12th Biennial Congress was held April 8-13, 2013 at the International Convention Center in Durban, South Africa. More than 750 WFC delegates representing 42 countries attended the event, which celebrated the silver anniversary of the federation, formed in 1988.

Among the highlights of this year's congress was the presentation of the original research awards, renamed this year as the NCMIC Louis Sportelli Research Awards to honor Dr. Sportelli for his career of leadership in building research capacity for the profession, and the NCMIC Group Inc., for its long-term funding of the main awards. First and second prizes of $12,000 and $7,500, respectively, were awarded for research papers from teams affiliated with Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, led by Drs. Jessica Wong and Jairus Quesnele.

Special celebrations and events marking the silver anniversary included a video from researchers worldwide honoring Dr. Scott Haldeman, who retires as chair of the WFC Research Council after 25 years of leadership; launch of an illustrated history, The Global Advance of Chiropractic: The World Federation of Chiropractic 1988-2013, authored by Dr. Reed Phillips; and honor awards for outstanding service toward the international growth of the chiropractic profession to Kent Greenawalt, CEO, Foot Levelers; Dr. Jean Moss, president, CMCC; and Dr. Anthony Metcalfe, past president of the British Chiropractic Association, the European Chiropractors' Union and the WFC.

The congress also featured the creation of a regional organization to represent the profession in Africa, the only world region without a regional voice. The African Chiropractic Federation was formed by delegates from 13 African nations and will hold its first seminar meeting in 2014.

Get Ready for "Undoctored"

Jeff Hays, executive producer of the ground-breaking documentary "Doctored" The Movie," has announced that a sequel to "Doctored" is in the works: "Undoctored: What Your Doctor Didn't Learn in Medical School – and Why." Here's a little of what Hays says about "Undoctored" in an online promotional page for the movie:

"If 'Doctored' was what's wrong with the system, 'Undoctored' is what to do about it. We say that 'Undoctored' picks up where Doctored left off ... We had trouble stopping filming for 'Doctored.' We kept running into more and more stories, one led to another, each one more mind-blowing than the last. Finally we had to draw the line, we had to stop and let these new, bigger stories wait. That list of topics and stories is 'Undoctored.'"

As of press time, a funding campaign was underway for "Undoctored," with an initial goal of raising $100,000 to cover production of the film. Visit ects/undoctored-movie to learn more about the campaign and the film.

Macquarie University to Cease Offering Chiropractic Program

Twenty-three years after Macquarie University and Sydney College of Chiropractic finalized merger documents, making the university the first to offer a chiropractic degree program, the university has announced it will begin discussions with other higher-education providers about taking over its chiropractic program, including staff and teaching facilities. The university offers a Master in Chiropractic.

In an April 24, 2013 press release from the institutionannouncing the university's intentions, Macquarie's executive science dean, Professor Clive Baldock, said: "Macquarie University has recently invested significantly in a postgraduate medical school and a state-of-the-art private hospital ... We naturally want to focus our efforts on supporting these initiatives with our teaching and research."

He added: "We believe our chiropractic degrees to be of the highest teaching quality, and they remain extremely popular with students ... We therefore believe the responsible thing to do is to begin discussions with other higher-education providers who are keen to grow in this area."

The university hopes to complete the transition within two years; the proposal includes "the transfer of all Department of Chiropractic-taught units and degrees, and relevant capital assets .. [and] the potential transfer of a number of chiropractic academic staff together with their entitlements."

Noted Herbalist Joins NYCC Nutrition Faculty

Kerry Bone, Dipl. Phyto., was recently named a guest lecturer, curriculum consultant and presenter for New York Chiropractic College's online master's degree program in nutrition. Bone has taught at colleges / universities in his native Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States; and developed curriculum and course material for the Australian College of Phytotherapy's Master of Health Science (herbal medicine) program.

Bone, the author of Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy, among other works, is the co-founder, former chair and current director of research and development of MediHerb.

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