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April 18, 2012
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Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation Awards Two More Research Professorships

By Editorial Staff

Carlo Ammendolia, DC, PhD, is the recipient of the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation Professorship in Spine at the University of Toronto, the 12th doctor of chiropractic currently awarded a research chair or professorship by the CCRF.

The foundation also recently named André Bussières, DC, MSc, recipient of the CCRF Professorship in Rehabilitation Epidemiology at McGill University. With the latest appointments, there are now five research chairs and seven research professorships in place at universities throughout the country.

Dr. Ammendolia is an associate scientist at the Institute for Work and Health and an assistant professor in the Department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. His research professorship is funded with an initial investment of $500,000 courtesy of a partnership agreement between the CCRF and the University of Toronto.

Dr. Bussières is an assistant professor, Faculty of Medicine at McGill University and a professor in the chiropractic program at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. His research professorship is also funded with a $500,000 initial investment, but from the Clinical Practice Guidelines Project, a joint venture of the Canadian Chiropractic Association and the Canadian Federation of Chiropractic Regulatory and Educational Accrediting Boards.

In addition to Drs. Ammendolia and Bussières at the University of Toronto and McGill University, respectively, the following doctors of chiropractic currently hold research chair / professorship positions courtesy of the CCRF:

  • Dr. Greg Kawchuk, Canadian Research Chair in Spinal Function, University of Alberta (Note: Dr. Kawchuk was the first chiropractic research chair recipient, a five-year position at the University of Calgary announced in mid-2001)
  • Dr. Mathieu Piché, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Research Chair in Pain Neurophysiology
  • Dr. Martin Descarreaux, Titulaire de la Chaire de Recherche en Chiropratique FRCQ, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
  • Dr. Jill Hayden, CCRF Professorship in Epidemiology, Dalhousie University
  • Dr. Steven Passmore, CCRF Professorship in Spine Biomechanics and Neurophysiology, University of Manitoba
  • Dr. Mark Erwin, CCRF Professorship in Disc Biology, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Jean Sébastien Blouin, CCRF Professorship in Spine Biomechanics and Human Neurophysiology, University of British Columbia
  • Dr. Jason Busse, CCRF / CIHR Chiropractic Research Chair, McMaster University
  • Dr. John Srbely, CCRF Professorship in Spine Mechanics and Human Neurophysiology, University of Guelph
  • Dr. Paul Bruno, CCRF Research Chair in Neuromusculoskeletal Health, University of Regina

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