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Dynamic Chiropractic Canada – July 1, 2011, Vol. 04, Issue 04
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News in Brief

By Editorial Staff

Straighten Up Working on New Activity Modules

Even after years of progressive success and worldwide acclaim, the Straighten Up spinal health initiative isn't resting on its laurels when it comes to sharing the message of spinal health with the public.

Three new activity modules are in the works, with Delphi review and input completed as of May 31, 2011. The three new modules are "Upper Body Series," "DoorWay Stretch" and "Bed Backs," with Drs. Peter Gratale, Steven Weiniger and Sal Minicozzi the principal architects, respectively. (Dr. Ron Kirk, seed and Delphi panel coordinator for the Straighten Up initiative, teamed with Dr. Minicozzi on the Bed Backs module.)

According to Dr. Kirk, the global Delphi panel included "participants from the chiropractic profession, the Alliance for Health Promotion, the Forum for Health, the Bone and Joint Decade, the World Health Organization, the International Red Cross, World Spine Care and many international and national partners." It is expected that results of the review process will be announced soon.

U.S. Secret Service Investigating Mo Pisciottano

During the month of March, a number of doctors received letters from the United States Secret Service stating that "the U.S. Secret Service is conducting a Federal Investigation into Maurice 'Mo' Pisciottano and all related businesses." The letters follow on the heels of Dr. Pisciottano's bankruptcy filings in November 2010 and recent bankruptcy hearings.

The first two hearings have given vendors' representatives, bank officers and lawyers representing doctors of chiropractic a chance to pose questions to Dr. Pisciottano in an effort to keep his financial obligations from being discharged in bankruptcy. Based upon the questions being asked, it is clear that the parties believe there are additional assets that were not declared in the November bankruptcy filing.

The bankruptcy hearings took place in Washington, Pa., a town about 15 miles from the multimillion-dollar Pisciottano mansion. While only a brief opportunity for questions was allowed, vendors and attorneys began making inquiries into Pisciottano's current assets and where additional assets might be found. At the second bankruptcy hearing, held on March 28 with only a few lawyers, some major vendors and some bank representatives in attendance, two federal investigators were present.

One of the attorneys, Mr. Lampl (who has been asked to act as special council by the bankruptcy court), represents approximately 50 DCs. These doctors either paid for ProAdjuster units they never received or received their units, but not the additional services included in their lease. According to bankruptcy documents filed on Dec. 10, 2010, a total of 179 doctors bought units they never received in the months before the bankruptcy filings. According to the detailed December filing, these doctors are owed a total of $2,141,217.30.

Special agents from the Secret Service have been holding meetings with a number of vendors and are currently seeking information from individual doctors who were involved in purchases from Pro-Solutions. Many of those involved believe their presence is confirmation of potential fraud. Some sources have even suggested that the Secret Service may "request the empanelling of a grand jury in the very near future."

A call to the Secret Service's Pittsburgh field office resulted in a decline to comment. Look for further updates as they become available.

Complete background documentation regarding Dr. Pisciottano / Pro-Solutions' legal troubles is available online at

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