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Dynamic Chiropractic Canada – November 1, 2008, Vol. 01, Issue 02
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News In Brief

By Editorial Staff

Chiropractic Shines at the Olympics

With eight doctors of sports chiropractic credentialed with the Canadian Olympic Team, either as part of the full team or affiliated with individual sports such as gymnastics, track and field, rowing and sailing, Canada had the largest chiropractic representation of any country at the recent Beijing Olympics.

For Dr. Wilbour Kelsick of Port Moody, British Columbia, this was his impressive 5th Olympic Games. Beijing was also a repeat Olympics for Dr. Mike Murray (rowing) and Dr. Mohsen Kazemi (taekwondo).

This strong chiropractic presence integrated within the Canadian Sports Medicine Team is the result of a strong national sports chiropractic organization, the Chiropractic College of Sports Sciences (Canada), and its postgraduate educational standards, which are the highest internationally. A full member or fellow of the CCSS(C) must complete a three-year part-time program of coursework and clinical experience exceeding 1,000 hours. There are future plans to have this program further expanded and credentialed as a university master's degree.

There is already agreement between the Vancouver Olympics Organizing Committee (VANOC) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that chiropractic services will be an integral part of the core health services available at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. Chiropractors can learn more at the WFC 10th Biennial Congress in Montreal next spring; scheduled keynote speakers on the opening day are Dr. Jack Taunton, chief medical officer of the Vancouver Olympics, and Dr. Robert Armitage, chiropractic coordinator for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Source: World Federation of Chiropractic Quarterly World Report, September 2008.

Parker Offers Scholarship for Canadian Students

Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, recently announced it is offering a $2,000 scholarship to Canadian students who decide to enroll in the college's doctor of chiropractic degree program. This offer applies to all Canadian students referred by a Canadian chiropractor, according to college officials. Parker has 23 current students who hail from Canada and 149 Canadian alumni.

"This incredible scholarship opportunity, combined with the high value of the Canadian dollar, makes a first-class chiropractic education in the United States very affordable for Canadian students," said Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, president of Parker College. "We already have a strong Canadian presence among our students, and we look forward to increasing that presence in the future."

To refer a current or potential student, or for more information about the scholarship opportunity, contact Kara Holliday, assistant director of admissions at Parker College, by calling 1-800-438-6932 (extension 7005) or sending an e-mail to .

CMCC Alumnus Teaching Chiropractic in Switzerland

In September, the first class of students entered the chiropractic program at the University of Zurich. Heading up the chiropractic program is Dr. Kim Humphreys, former dean of research and postgraduate studies at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Education will be structured according to the Bologna Accord, which is governing the future of professional education in Europe, and will be similar to chiropractic education at the University of Southern Denmark. Students will receive double degrees: a bachelor's degree in health sciences, and a master's degree in chiropractic. Beginning in September 2009, all students will receive government funding for fees.

This, the first chiropractic school in Switzerland and in German, represents a significant advance for the profession in Europe and internationally. It has been made possible because of many years of careful planning and hard work by the Association of Swiss Chiropractors. Particular thanks go to ASC President Dr. Franz Schmid and Past President Dr. Daniel Muhlemann.

Source: World Federation of Chiropractic Quarterly World Report, September 2008.

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