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Time for a Little You Time
May, 2017
If you ask 10 patients what they do to care for themselves, most will answer with a list of excuses as to why they don't do anything or don't do as much as they should. Ask 10 practitioners the same question and they'll likely give very similar answers.

Peer to Peer: How to Create Loyal Patients
May, 2017
What's the secret to a successful practice? Of all the variables experts have postulated, one stands out as common-sense and constant: patient engagement. A practice that lacks patients who believe in their DC and are willing to place their health in their doctor's hands won't survive the long haul.

Don't Let Staffing Mistakes Destroy Your Practice
May, 2017
You can be the most skilled, business-savvy, patient-friendly doctor in the world, but if your team fails to make the grade, your practice will suffer – big time. Here are four common staffing mistakes, their potential consequences and how to correct them.

Digital Marketing Checklist (Pt. 2)
May, 2017
As we stated in part 1 of this article [April 2017 issue], the question isn't, "Should you have a digital marketing campaign?" it's, "How do you create one and manage it while running your practice?" Let's finish our discussion with tips 8-14 on our digital marketing checklist.

How to Bring Headache Patients to Your Door
April, 2017
Doctors of chiropractic have the ability to diagnose and treat headaches the minute they graduate. The clinical skills needed to help headache patients are established early. However, the process of reaching out to headache patients is often deficient.

Clinic Efficiency: Are You Failing the Test?
April, 2017
Many chiropractors struggle with the idea of "wearing too many hats" as they manage their own clinics. Not only do you have to be a doctor, but also play the role of savvy business owner, marketing expert and more.

Your Practice Advantage: The Pareto Principle
April, 2017
Have you ever heard of the Pareto principle? More commonly known as the 80/20 rule, it basically states that 20 percent control 80 percent and vice versa.

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