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Planning for a Successful Life After Chiropractic   
Plug Into the Power of Connection
With the profound shift in health care, compliance, reimbursement and even patient demographics, the business and practice of chiropractic are in flux. What's more, today's patient is much smarter than years past, as they query the...
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How to Make Money With Massage (Part 2)
This is one of the most challenging components to massage because massage therapists tend to be free-spirited, independent thinkers. Having them work in a structured, well-run chiropractic practice can require a change in mindset.
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Chiropractic Compliance Do's and Don'ts
In October 2000, the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services published its guidelines for a voluntary small- to medium-office compliance program. The guidelines spanned 19 pages. In 2010, the Patient...
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Building the Right Team: Hiring and Firing Do's & Don'ts
Dr. Nick loves practice, but this morning he dreaded his drive to work. For months, he's known he needs to fire his front-desk CA, but still hasn't. This isn't the first time Nick has found it difficult to let someone go. In fact, he...
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Four Smart Investing Strategies for the Typical Chiropractor
Even as I write these words, CNN Money is featuring Jim Rogers, Guinness World Record holder and renowned investor, who is talking about the financial Armageddon headed our way due to what Rogers pronounces is the result of "moronic...
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Easy Ways to Increase Activity on Your Facebook Page
Many chiropractors have a Facebook account to promote their practice, but few have a thriving Facebook page with lots of activity and strong reader engagement. Is your Facebook page lacking? Here are a few suggestions that can help to...
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