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Overweight Babies: A Link to Antibiotic Use?
December 2013 issue

In Case You Haven't Heard...
November 2013 issue

Not-So-Quality Time With Your Kids?
October 2013 issue

Texting While Driving: A Snowball Health Effect
September 2013 issue

MRI for Back Pain: Not So Fast
August 2013 issue

Eat Lots of Fruit & Veggies, Quit Smoking Easier?
July 2013 issue

Vary Those Fruits and Veggies to Prevent Diabetes
June 2013 issue

Erectile Dysfunction: The Catch-22
May 2013 issue

Spine Surgery: Risky Business
April 2013 issue

Top Conditions Treated With Laser
March 2013 issue

Extra Weight = Extra Pain
February 2013 issue

Eating Out and Filling Up (on Extra Calories)
January 2013 issue

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